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Thank you so much for placing this ad in the Times. Let's hope it touches hearts and changes more than a few minds. It's time to let the warmongers know that peace is preferred, and they know what they can do with their profits made through shedding blood. #GivePeaceAChance

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Thank you - Megwetch

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First of all, since the Spanish-American War at the end of the 19th century, where and when has America EVER been a “force for peace in the world”? And on what basis does anybody think that it could and would become one now?

Since the end of World War II and the beginning of Cold War I, the United States has been a War Mongering serial enabler of War Profiteering, making it a corporatist welfare Warfare State well on the way to being what it is today, a Debtor State going bankrupt.

And since the end of Cold War I and the disintegration of the best “enemy” America ever had ~ the USSR ~ the United States has been and remains the biggest War Criminal State on the planet during the last decade of the 20th, and all of the 21st century.

Second of all, this ad would have been significantly more relevant and valuable had it been published back in the early spring of 2022, right after Russia’s invasion, and before the US officially became Ukraine’s weapons supply depot, global propaganda ministry and champion, and cash cow.

However, it is extremely doubtful that the New York Times ~ or anybody else in the MSM ~ would have deigned to print it back in those days. After all, that’s what being part of America’s domestic propaganda ministry is all about, isn’t it?

It would be interesting to go back and review the Times’ and the rest of the MSM’s reporting and editorializing on the expansion of NATO since 1999, the American-engineered coup in Ukraine in 2014, the U.S.’s withdrawal from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces and Open Skies Treaties in 2019 and 2020, and its rejection of any negotiations with Russia regarding Ukraine in 2021.

The NYT’s, WaPo’s, and WSJ’s apparent new-found interest in “negotiations” about Ukraine cited by Mr Hoh may have more to do with the fact that Cold War II is upon the world, and, as the possibility of a Hot War with China grows daily [wouldn't the MSM just love that?], maybe even the MSM’s Big Three recognize and realize that America can’t win a war that is being waged on two fronts.

Given the fact that the U.S. hasn’t won any war fought anyplace on any front since the end of World War II [unless one wants to call Grenada, Panama, and Kuwait “wars”], that is a fairly astute observation, even for that Big Three.

The bottom line, bullet-hits-the-bone fact of the matter is that the days of America’s reign as the global, unipolar hegemon ~ aka The American Empire ~ are over, and that Empire is well into its Decline, and is thus well on its way to its Fall. And as the American Empire unravels, so is America the Nation-State.

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The author, like too many Western liberals, while decrying Western military response in the Ukraine, always use language like, "President Putin’s decision last year to launch his criminal invasion and occupation..." The author claims that Putin had other options; however, no one I have heard or read have ever formulated those options. Putin was literally faced with a potential genocide of the Russian people in the Donbas and a grandly enlarged threat by NATO with a defeat in the Donbas. It is no secret that Ukraine had massed a very large offensive force on the Line of Control and had begun extensive artillery shelling of the Donbas, obviously preparatory to an attack.

And, it is not as if Putin had not tendered extensive diplomatic offers to Kyiv and Washington. The Europeans and Russia developed the several Minsk Accords that were ignored by Kyiv and ignored by Europe. Russia had no options left but an armed intervention.

The author also proposes reasons for NATO expansion and lists several strong warnings to Washington about the danger of eastward expansion. This makes me think that Washington knew very well that they were provoking a war by arming Ukraine and expanding NATO. They chose this course with the goal of regime change in Russia and the dismantlement of the Russian Federation.

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We discuss the question of options in another thread in this comment section. Thanks for your comments.

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You have to follow the link to see the rapidly rising cost of WAR in actual real TIME movement.

Who can think of better ways to spend those increasing $TRILLIONS of US DOLLARS on Global Social Uplift, starting within the US, rather than on killing and destroying?

What DESTINATION is THIS Human RACE racing toward?

If the US is this World's TRUE LEADER change US Priorities!

Russian, Chinese, Iranian, North Korean and many other Nations would put their money into the Global pot too!

Most Christian America should remember this teaching of the Christ and put it in practice in the US.

Call NO MAN on Earth your Father for we have ONE FATHER in Heaven.

The 1st one to acknowledge that teaching of the Christ should be the Pope, and renounce being called The Holy Father.

I think doing that would have more of a Positive EFFECT in this World than the 1st Visible SIGN of Christ coming closer to the COMMON people this MATERIAL World still has not recognized.

Apart from that, as I read the catechisms of Pope Francis daily via the Vatican Newsletter, as an individual, his words mirror the same Spirit of Christ I see active in this World.

There were 3 Popes in 1978. Pope Paul VI died, the last one having a Coronation and Enthroning like the World just saw with King Charles III.

The Cardinal from Venice was elected, calling himself Pope John-Paul I, the 1st Pope to call himself the 1st since Pope Lando I in 913.

His 1st Papal Proclamation was, 'The Pope is only a simple Priest. No Crown and Throne for the Pope,' ending the 1000 year Catholic Ritual and Tradition. Unfortunately, he was Dead within a month.

To this Day, even the Church has not recognized and acknowledged that simple act was a Divine SIGN of the shakeup of the Earthly POWERS, and the Advent of Christ in this World.


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In 1997 when Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia were admitted to NATO, George Kennan wrote in his diary...

"How, one asks, are the Russians to take this? What NATO missions are there for which the new NATO members have to be suitably armed? How is this to be reconciled with the assurances to the Russians that they need not worry, that the extension of NATO's borders to the east has no military implications?

There will be efforts by the Russian leadership to...develop much closer relations with the neighbors to the east, notably Iran and China, with a view to forming a strongly anti-Western military bloc as a counterweight to a NATO pressing for world domination."

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This was WONDERFUL !!! I forwarded it to everyone. I'm so pleased to know you were one of the signers and so pleased so see so many others I am familiar with. I truly do hope millions get to read this. It's info the world needs to see. I especially think the Timeline at the very end is useful in showing how US provocations have pushed and pushed Russia to act.

BTW, on a slightly different subject, but connected, I want to give you and everyone a heads up on a very interesting article published yesterday in the National Review about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. It has a lot of good things to say about him, and I hope that those of us who are looking for an alternative to Biden or Trump will want to read this because it is clear that the DNC is going to do their best to destroy this brave , truthful man when I believe he just may be what we need in these perilous times.

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You seem to be of the opinion that willingness to negotiate on part of the US would change much.

Well, then spoiler: It won't.

In rather crass(yet still accurate!) terms the collective West has turned Ukraine into a country-sized cannon fodder production facility, thus enabling certain party in Russia itself to carry out a full-blown foreign policy coup.

Now what the party in question is doing, in essence? The point is to ensure that the amount of naturally grown cannon-fodder semifabricates in Ukraine radically decreases(30% of the population, 50% of the total mobilization potential are already gone), the production cost and operational expense at large in turn skyrockets, thus making the whole "anti-Russia" project in Ukraine completely unviable by sheer default. Russia in the meantime is cheerfully pursuing a whole bunch of different objectives elsewhere, using the existence and particulars of Ukrainian crisis to its advantage.

P.S. Whoever thought the West is at all capable of winning a war with Russia right on its doorstep is an absolute cretin.

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