Thanks Bill for reading and sharing this.

At some point it will catch up with us as a society. I think the pandemic response that left more than a million dead, January 6th, growing climate change consequences, etc are the examples of the symptoms that future people will look back on and point to. We have a closed and unresponsive political system, massive wealth inequality and a hollowed out economy, wars overseas that reflect the wars here at home, and so many other inequities, injustices and incompetencies that collapse seems inevitable to me.

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"You guys aren't going to spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars advertising on my station, why are we going to interview you?"

A very candid quote indeed, Matt! A reminder of our "pay to play" political system, where access is entirely based on money.

These "journalists" won't interview you because you're an uncorrupted and legitimate candidate for office with novel views. No--they'll only interview you if you pay them to. Even then, I'm guessing the interview would be perfunctory compared to the bandwidth devoted to the two major parties.

It's a rigged system and your first-hand experiences, brutal as they were, serve to remind us of this fact.

How can we bring democracy to other nations when we don't have it here in America?

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"...including an illegal cross-border invasion by Russia"

I would be very happy to see argued, a vigorous defence of what you are calling 'illegal', in self defence. You are falling into the trap of arguing for a genocidal regime. I hope you will catch up with reality.

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